Him Electronics and Doko Recyclers Collaborate to Work Towards e-waste management


Him Electronics, a subsidiary of Golchha Group has recently signed an agreement with Doko Recyclers to mutually work towards e-waste management. The collaboration will primarily focus on the management of pre-owned electronic products. The companies believe in smart sustainability, and this agreement is a step toward more environmentally friendly business practices.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Prabhakar S. Thapa, Vice-President of Golchha Group and Mr. Nitesh Shrestha, representing Doko Recyclers.

What is e-waste?

e-waste or electronic-waste is a term that is commonly used for electronic products that are running obsolete. The goods normally include: mobile phones, computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, scanners etc. With the accessibility of electronic goods, e-waste is likely to be increasing. As advanced the technology is getting, it should also be equally important to manage the waste.

About Him Electronics

Him Electronics

Him Electronics has a portfolio in retail and distribution of electronics from different brands like Samsung, Himstar, Chint, Ahuja, Indoasian etc. The company, established in 1998 with the aim of manufacturing television has now become a market leader in manufacturing, trading, distributing, retailing, and even providing necessary after-sales services.

About Doko Recyclers

Doko Recyclers is a social enterprise working in the field of waste manage and recycling. It is one of the first waste recycling companies in Nepal which believes in “Smart sustainability”. The concept that believes in being mindful of our consumption and disposal choices, understanding how they affect us and our surroundings, and taking action to address them.

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