CAN Warns ISPs Against Probable Hike in Internet Price in Nepal


Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN) has taken a deep consideration about hike in internet price in Nepal. It has requested all the internet service providers in the country to reconsider their decisions about price hike. In a press release issued yesterday, CAN stated that Nepal already has a low broadband penetration It claimed, a price hike will drive more people away from the internet. The association also asked NEA to revisit its rental policies and make arrangements to reduce the pole cost for private internet companies.

Broadband Internet Price Hike in Nepal

Earlier this week, the Internet Service Providers Association Nepal (ISPAN) decided to increase the cost of broadband internet by Rs.300 in rural areas and by Rs.150 in urban cities. Later, the decision found an instant backlash from all fronts. Consumers, as well as major stakeholders, have collectively raised their voices against the decision. Likewise, CAN solidified the intent of all Nepalese internet users. CAN believes that the increase in internet price will seriously impact the long-awaited digital revolution in the country. 

A generation has grown up using the internet almost as a natural resource for the whole day. But the ISPs’ decision to hike the cost of the internet will make it difficult for students and working professionals who cannot afford to pay more for their daily dose of entertainment and connectivity. CAN also praised the role private ISPs play to connect the users during the covid-19 pandemic. 

CAN Warns ISPs Against Probable Hike in Internet Price in Nepal 2

The CAN Federation has appealed to the government to make alternative arrangements to get internet services at affordable rates for all citizens. In addition to this, the federation urged the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, as well as NEA to reverse its decision on increasing the rental charges on utility poles and called for radical change to the existing pole charges. CAN stated that the per kilometer charges on pole usage are extremely impractical for both the ISPs and the consumers. It concluded that, such policy goes against the spirit of the Digital Nepal Framework.

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