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What is Hamro Patro?

hamro patro app

The literal translation of the word “Hamro” in English is “Our” and “Patro” is “calendar” respectively. So, “Hamro Patro” translates to “our calendar”. It was the first app to ever include a Nepali calendar.  They started as  Nepali calendar mobile phone app but later added newer features such as a Nepali FM radio player, Nepali news, trending Nepali videos, birth chart, horoscope, Forex, Gold/Silver prices in Nepal, Vegetable prices, etc.

At its current state, Hamro Patro is a lifestyle and productivity app that helps Nepali mobile phone users in simplifying their day to day activities. As the description of their app bestows, they provide a 360-degree view of Nepal and Nepali lifestyle wherever you are in the world.


Hamro Patro is available in five languages: Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, Bhojpuri, Maithili, and English.

Platforms Available

Hamro Patro is available in Android, iOS, as a web application, and as a chrome extension.

Major features

hamro patro
  • Nepali calendar: The calendar comes with important dates and events.
  • FM Radio:  Lists 100s of Nepali radio stations with an option personalize radio list.
  • News:  Breaking news and collection of news of top online portals of Nepal such as BBC Nepali, Annapurna post, etc.
  • Hamro Audio: audio podcasts
  • Videos: Entertainment, sports, news etc.
  • Foreign exchange rate determined by  NRB (Nepal Rastra Bank)
  • Gold and Silver prices
  • Horoscope, Kundali (birth chart) and Kundali
  • Blog and Literature
  • App widgets that you can use on your websites such as date converter and calendar widget

Other apps from Hamro Patro Team

hamro apps

Our thoughts

I have the android version of the app which is well designed with a slick material design aesthetics. I am fond of the home page of the app which lists the current date in both AD and BS at the top along with the time and weather. You can see the important upcoming events on the homepage as soon as you open the app and access trending videos and articles as you scroll down.

The app comes with a “day theme” and a “night theme”. You can log in to the app and access all other features such the Radio, Kundali, Forex et cetera from the left hamburger menu.

Hamro Patro is the first app from Nepal to reach 10 lakhs app downloads in Google Play Store.

hamro patro review

The app is currently rated 4.6 on Google play store based on 57,915 reviews.

And our verdict is that it is one of the top must-have Nepali app on your phone as someone of Nepalese origin along with Hamro Keyboard.

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