Government is Distributing ICT Awards to Promote Information and Technology Sectors


A new beacon of hope has appeared for the Information and Technology sector of the country. Recently, the government of Nepal announced the distribution of ICT Awards 2021 starting this year. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) stated that they have decided to distribute awards in order to develop and expand the information and communication sector of the country. According to the ministry, the government is executing the Digital Nepal framework and the country is also moving towards IT advancement. So, the ministry expects that the awards distribution will promote the ICT sector in the country. The award ceremony is going to be held in the capital city on the second of May.

Ministy of Communication and Information Technology

Every year Nepalese government has been celebrating May 2 as National Communications and Information Technology Day. On the occasion of this auspicious day, the government has decided to recognize the best individuals and organizations contributing to the information, communication, and technology fields. As preparation for it, the government also released a public notice requesting to apply for the desired award. The interested individuals and parties are to register their names before 4th Baisakh 2078. Issuing a notice on April 3, the government has urged the applicants to fill up the forms available at

Government is Distributing ICT Awards to Promote Information and Technology Sectors 2

As mentioned in the public notice, the ministry will distribute the awards in five different categories. They are National ICT Excellence Award-2021, National ICT Innovation Award-2021, National ICT Award-2021 (Public Sector), National ICT Award-2021 (Private Sector), and National ICT Excellence Award-2021 (Woman).

What is ICT Awards?

ICT award is the biggest tech award of Nepal which honors the best of the technology sector in Nepal. This is the first-ever award of such type announced by the government for the Information, Communication and Technology Sector.


The annual ICT Awards aim to celebrate national excellence in the discipline of IT sectors in Nepal. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology believes that this award will support social and economic development through widespread participation of the private sector. It will also put an emphasis on the dissemination of information and communication technology.


It is an inevitable and undeniable fact that the ICT sector has been advancing rapidly in recent times. Similarly, newer advancements in technology have influenced this sector more than any other form of business. Therefore, it is only fair to recognize the efforts various parties are making for the improvement of these ICT sectors. We, at Tech Sathi, look forward to this opportunity which empowers the Nepalese tech industry and create a benchmark for awards and recognition in the Technology sector.

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