The Government of Nepal has launched Mero Kitta as an online platform where users can get reliable and accessible land revenue-associated facilities that can otherwise be acquired by being physically present at the Survey Department or Survey offices. 

Submitting one’s land revenue and getting the printed form of the sketch of their plot of land has been made feasible now. Field Books which are used by surveyors to record data can also be printed through the convenience provided by Mero Kitta. Some of the services which this online platform grants its customers are Field drawing request, Field book print, Plotter register print, and printing of the map.

To procure the services arranged by Mero Kitta, customers are required to enroll themselves in this online platform. For that individual will require to have documents of their property ownership i.e. Lalpurja and their citizenship certificate i.e. Nagarikta.

Mero Kitta services for regular users

Regular users can utilize the Mero Kitta service by submitting an online application in the specified format. Users will then receive an OTP code which is necessary for the duration of the service facilitated by Mero Kitta. After receiving details and services to be granted by the department an SMS of a revenue amount that is to be paid is received by the users.

Users can pay their revenue by simply visiting the site using mobile number and OTP through electronic means arranged in the system or through bank vouchers. After receiving the payment the offices will upload a digital copy which is the pdf version of the map and send an SMS to the associated mobile phone. To receive the map users will require to download the map within a week using their OTP(One Time Password) for validation.

Corporate Mero Kitta accounts can also be opened by applying the following Article 5 of the Directive on Provision of services through Digital Systems from survey offices.

Mero Kitta is in its initial stage of operation. In its primary stage, its service has been implemented in Kathmandu valley’s Department of surveying (Napi Karyalaya) under which Kalanki, Dillibazar, Bhaktapur offices are among the ones who are currently enforcing the facilities. The Government of Nepal, in the long run, aims to implement the practice of such an innovative and tech-savvy platform into all of the 126 survey offices. 

The inauguration of online platforms systems like these not only provides convenience to users but also takes our country a step closer towards digitization and drives us to make a significant technological leap. To be a part of Metro Kitta signup quickly and be integrated with an innovative platform in the land governance field.


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