GitHub Copilot is launching its Premium version soon: Here’s what’s new


Cheers to those who have already used GitHub Copilot. For whose who are not familiar with these words, I am going to breakdown its meaning. GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that helps you write code faster and with less work. GitHub Copilot draws context from comments and code, and suggests the further code while you are coding. Basically its your coding partner and suggest you the possible code in your code editor with the help of artificial intelligence.

Since the launch of GitHub Copilot technical preview last year, it’s gained attention and people believe clearly that AI is one of the best tools to empower the next generation of developers. As AI is impacting our lives daily in various ways from automatically generating photo albums to writing email, essays and documentation, our day to day is being helped by AI.

Furthermore the problem was in coding before as it was all manual. But after all the innovation did it miracle and Copilot came in. With GitHub Copilot, for the first time in the history of software, AI can be broadly harnessed by developers to write and complete code. Just like the rise of compilers and open source, AI-assisted coding will fundamentally change the nature of software development, giving developers a new tool to write code easier and faster. Along this motive, now GitHub Copilot will available to all developer with its premium version.

What does it cost to use GitHub Copilot ?

GitHub Copilot

Soon releasing its premium version will be available to all developers. The main motive of making it premium is to broadcast its availability. The costing for the usage is reportedly said to be $10/month or $100/year per user. Alongside, there you can take 60 days free trial of GitHub Copilot.

GitHub made it free for verified students and for those who contributed in open sources. Students need to apply for GitHub Student Pack and they can check their eligibility.

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Premium Version will be able to:

  • Provide AI-based coding suggestion: you can get code suggestions that match a project’s context and style conventions, and cycle through different options to decide what to accept, reject, or edit.
GitHub Copilot
  • Use your preferred environment: You can integrate GitHub Copilot in your preferred IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code as an unobtrusive extension.
  • Help to learn new language and syntaxes: GitHub Copilot will be helpful to you if you are wiling to learn and use new language, unfamiliar territory by suggesting syntaxes and code in dozen of languages.


It is being believed that the GitHub Copilot will keep the capability to replace coder in near future. Though this can be the topics of discussion. As GitHub copilot will be the new coding partner of developers around the globe as it will be available for all and believed to be beneficial. Though what’s your thought on this, please let us know in comments.


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