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Fusemachines Nepal, working in AI and machine learning, has launched first of its Fuse AI center in Nepal. The company believes and targets on building several products and services with the combined power of Data science, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing through this program. With the establishment of the AI center, the AI development scenario in Nepal is expected to take a pace. Fusemachines are now headed to offer classroom-based training programs in AI along with the fuse.ai online platform after their AI fellowship program since 2017.

fuse ai center

Fuse AI aims to increase access to talent and contribute to its mission of democratizing AI. The new training based curriculum includes courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision. The course has been designed to be practical and based on the curriculum developed by Columbia University faculty. The course designed by AI industry experts is focused on getting engineers ready for the AI job market on a global scale.

The students enrolled in this program will have access to PhDs from Fusemachines, which is an AI coding platform with free server credits. They will also get the chance to attend AI events and webinars and high-quality tutoring from AI instructors. The company is looking forward to hiring talented engineers and business savvy individuals.

Science dignitaries have time and time again cited Artificial Intelligence of society, capable of possibly leading humanity to its end.

Fuse AI will also feature the start of student’s center to develop AI engineer community. “With this initiative, we are educating the masses on Artificial Intelligence and creating a large pool of AI talent for Nepal. We also hope the AI Center becomes a hub for the local AI community to foster and exchange ideas for the growth of Nepal”, says Dr. Sameer Maskey, the CEO/Founder of Fusemachines.

The Fuse AI Center is all set to start soon this year in Kathmandu, Nepal. Fusemachines Nepal, which has a vibrant company culture and is always coming up with creative initiatives, aims to open more of these AI centers in all provinces to assist organizations and students.

For further details:

Website: www.fuse.ai

Email: kathmandu@fuse.ai


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