Nepal is in the midst of a deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus and its damaging effects have altered the architecture of our lifestyle. In the wake of the pandemic, many have lost jobs, and businesses that are barely surviving have sought for alternatives to tackle the ongoing health crisis amid a fragile financial environment. 

For the past one and a half years, businesses have tried and tested various alternate methods of reaching out to their audience. Among all, venturing into the trade domain via digital sources has proven to be the most effective. Digital operations have also allowed businesses to evade the restrictions imposed by the government in efforts to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Complying with the current necessity, Foodiplace has introduced a unique Table Ordering System — the first of its kind in Nepal. Foodiplace’s digital FnB system helps restaurants and hotels digitize their operational functions, and at the same time promote food hygiene and safety by providing a contactless dining experience. Using Foodiplace enables the FnB business to find the solution in the high-risk domain by implementing the “0 contact model”. 

Contactless Functions

The 0 contact model, contactless service Foodiplace provides is the answer to efficient business management, risk minimization, and data contact tracing for business all the while ensuring social distancing norms. It enables guests to order food through a quick scan of the QR code at restaurant table-tops, bars, or counters to place orders without having to call a waiter/service staff. The function is accessible through any smartphone and does not require a dedicated app. Alternatively, the service staff of the restaurant can also take orders from their smartphones, or tablets all while maintaining social distancing. Ordering from these gadgets is equally crucial to maintaining food safety and hygiene of the restaurant by eliminating physical menus — often having high levels of contamination. 

Foodiplace Supports Small and Medium Restaurant Businesses

Foodiplace understands the struggles small and medium businesses in the FnB industry are facing as a result of the ongoing health pandemic. The living of many — owners, and most importantly operational staff — depend on the existence and success of the establishment they work in. Foodiplace further comprehends the significance of online orders and delivery, especially during this dire moment. 

To help support better operations and business expansion even during the health crisis, Foodiplace includes businesses into a digital ecosystem. By providing the businesses with a food ordering and order management system at no cost, Foodiplace encourages self-sustainability and better distribution and mobilization of their existing human resources. Contrary to conventional delivery and/or food ordering applications, Foodiplace helps eliminate the broker culture, subsequently allowing restaurants to determine food prices, discount schemes and manage delivery independently. Additionally, increased independence in order management and operations enable restaurants to generate higher revenue cutting high commission costs that broker companies charge. 

At a time of the health pandemic, the FnB industry is in a state of crisis. The only viable solution to the ongoing problem is to assess the possibilities, monitor opportunities, and prepare for the post-lockdown scenario. Doing so works with norms of the crisis while still expecting better results in the long run.

Potential Benefits of Contactless Ordering

  • It’s more sanitary and smoother. And, that’s exactly what’s we are looking forward to in the post lockdown.
  • It’s quite practical. Ordering ahead of time, decreasing transaction complexity, and providing numerous pick-up and delivery alternatives enable consumers to manage their hectic schedules and project well even after COVID.
  • No one wants to wait in line, especially in these trying conditions, therefore the speed of service is a crucial factor for customers when making purchasing selections.


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