Are you worried about higher fees in bank transfers? Most of the time we think of issuing a check in order to prevent additional bank transfer charges for higher amounts. Now you do not need to carry your check on making bank transfer because Fonepay has come up with an amazing offer for bank transfers.

Fonepay Bank Transfer Offer – Transfer any amount at only Rs. 10

FonePay Direct is offering bank transfers of any amount at just Rs 10. You can now perform bank transfers from your mobile banking app to any other bank at this amount, regardless of the transaction amount. All you need to do is open FonePay Direct on your mobile banking app and transfer any sum of money to any bank account online.

How to send money through FonePay Direct?

First of all, you must have a mobile banking account. If not, you can contact your bank or apply online through their website. FonePay has offered mobile banking systems to most commercial banks. Then, you can follow these simple steps to perform a bank transfer:

  • Log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Click on the “Send Money” option
  • Click on “fonepay Direct Recipient’s Mobile Number
  • Then you can enter the recipient’s mobile number and send the money directly

Do you know? You do not need to enter the recipient’s bank account while sending money through FonePay Direct. Isn’t it really quick? On top of that, it is convenient for most of us because FonePay is the system operator of most of the commercial bank’s mobile banking apps.

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Most of the time, we are paying for higher charges up to Rs 75 on a high amount of bank transfer through mobile banking apps and digital wallets. However, some digital wallets have offered bank transfers for free. Still, the problem is interoperability since all of the banks are not linked to their systems. But it is not the case with FonePay. Fonepay has a wide network of 55+ banks such that you can send money to any of the banks in Nepal through your own mobile banking app. And now, it is even easier and cost-effective since you can transfer any amount at just Rs 10.


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