Digitally Nepal: Free Keyword Research Tools for Digital Marketers in Nepal


There are several free tools available to assist you in gathering vital information and Digitally Nepal is one of them. Digitally Nepal provides free-to-use simple Keyword Research Tools for SEO, YouTube, Email and many more. Keyword Research Tool like this can be beneficial to you for creating better SEO strategies.

Keyword Research Tool by Digitally Nepal
Keyword Research Tool by Digitally Nepal

The tool shows you details about the given keyword such as its monthly search volume and CPC. It will also suggest you some popular related keywords that could help you in the keyword brainstorming sessions. This information will assist you in determining keyword/topic interests by geography. Currently, you will only be able to select one from 3 countries i.e. Nepal, USA and India.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an essential aspect of both your SEO strategy and your overall content plan. Finding the terms your target audience uses while searching for a product or service you provide is done during keyword research and using this knowledge you can drive your keyword strategy. SEO is all about ensuring that your users can find what they’re searching for, but there’s a lot more to it than just selecting the appropriate keywords.

In simple words, when creating fresh content, one of the guiding, core activities should be keyword research. If a website appears more times on the internet, it is more likely to receive more traffic. The method for locating these keywords can be pretty straightforward, but it can also become highly complicated depending on the extent of information necessary.


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