Digital Gurkha Academy: Digitising Education in Nepal


The name ‘Digital Gurkha’ is often correlated with ‘Digital Marketing’ which seems plausible considering the impact they have made in revolutionizing the Digital Marketing industry of Nepal. Founded in October 2017 as a digital marketing agency, Digital Gurkha made a huge name for itself in the industry within a short span of two years. By 2019, it became one of the best agencies in Nepal – thanks to the profound determination of the team. However, after some re-structuring sessions, the company went on to re-establish itself as an Edutech platform along the name Digital Gurkha Academy in August, 2021.

There are a lot of things that make Digital Gurkha Academy one of its kind in Nepal. Out of them, the most significant one is DG team. The team is made up of impact-driven individuals who have dedicated their time, knowledge and skills to create an affordable learning space for Nepali people. Similarly, Digital Gurkha Academy aims to foster the knowledge-driven economy on Nepal and they are right on the path!

What courses are available in Digital Gurkha Academy?

It has only been a few months since the launch of DG Academy and the platform is still in its beta/testing phase. Nevertheless, that doesn’t limit your options for learning. DG Academy currently provides some FREE and Premium courses in different categories ranging from Finance, Digital Marketing, Art and Design, Risk Management and Law. One of the most prominent factors that sets it apart is the price-range (affordability). The price range is perfect for young people who wish to enhance their skills in different spectrums.

As of today, there are 14 different and interesting courses available for you to learn and upgrade your skillsets.

1. Finance and Risk Management

Under this category, you can enroll in courses that help you gain specialization in Microsoft Excel – a skill that has been cherished for more than a decade. Likewise, you can also learn about Share Market and its fundamentals from Avish Acharya who is an experienced trainer, coach and a Chartered Accountant. Whereas, for Risk Management you can learn about Project Matrix Method from Ashit Adhikari who is the Deputy Director of Federation of Contractors’ Associations of Nepal (FCAN).

The courses currently available are :

2. Digital Marketing

Ofcourse, there’s no way Digital Gurkha could get away without providing courses on Digital Marketing. There are a lot of courses catered to aspiring digital marketers in DG Academy. You can take courses in Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing, whichever fulfils your interests. These courses are provided by Ullekh Niraula, Ashwin Neupane, Bat Shi, Rishabh Regmi and Amir Raut who have their own specialization in a number of areas related to sales, marketing, digital marketing and so on.

The courses currently available in this category are :

And shall we tell you the best part? Some of these courses are available for FREE!

Digital Gurkha Academy: Digitising Education in Nepal 2
Photo: Digital Gurkha Academy Team

3. Art and Design

The demand for graphic designers, animators and related jobs are increasing day by day and designing skills are becoming vital these days. If you are worried about starting as a beginner, you do not need to worry much. Digital Gurkha Academy also provides courses that can help you in your initial phase as a designer. Currently, Ashwin Neupane is providing courses that can help you enhance your photoshop skills.

The course that is currently available is :

4. Law

Now, this what makes DG Academy amazing. It is also providing ample opportunities for us to learn about topics which need to be discussed but often aren’t. You can get to learn about some legal practices and rules from Prapoosa KC who is an Assistant Professor at Kathmandu School of Law as well as a legal consultant and researcher.

You can enroll in the following course :

The more we appreciate them for this initiative, the less it is. The vision Digital Gurkha team has set to reform the education system in Nepal is definitely praiseworthy. Not only this, the company aims to connect skilled workforce with employers that value them. These courses also open doors for a lot of job opportunities by helping students upgrade their skillsets and teaching them to sell those skills. Ullekh Niraula, the CEO of Digital Gurkha also mentions that in the near future, a lot of other courses related to technology, software development, finance etc. will be added in the platform. We wish the team all the best for their future endeavors.

And as the DG anthem goes – It’s time to Disrupt!

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