Daraz Expands its Delivery Service | Now in 47 Cities


E-commerce platforms have brought a lot of convenience to people. There is no need to travel or to go to multiple shops to buy anything as now the same things can be done sitting at home. There are hundreds of online shopping sites in Nepal where, Nepali people can buy things and get the products delivered right on their doorsteps. However, almost all of these online shopping sites are centered around the city areas. These platforms still focus on large cities. This means people in smaller cities or rural areas need to deal with longer waiting times and have to pay a hefty price for deliveries. Daraz, one of the largest and most popular e-commerce sites in Nepal has been trying really hard to eliminate the exact same scenario and has found success gradually. Daraz has now started to expand its delivery and logistics service. It now delivers products to 47 small Cities of Nepal and soon plans to serve rural areas too by establishing delivery Hubs all around the country. 

Daraz – the biggest player in Nepali e-commerce?

Daraz is the dominating player in the e-commerce sector of Nepal. The e-commerce sector of Nepal has seen exponential growth over the last few years. The main contributor to this rapid growth is Daraz. Daraz is the only e-commerce company in the country that is doing well in terms of order processing, delivery turnaround time, services provided, cash on delivery, cashback offers, etc. It is the only e-commerce platform that is still managing to attract new customers in spite of the stiff competition in the sector. And now, they’re expanding were no other e-commerce have set their sights. 

Daraz in its beginning days in Nepal faced some serious challenges in terms of delivery. One of which was the fact that packages could only be shipped out to certain places. People living outside main city centers had to go through a higher number of hoops and were charged more money to receive their packages. As Daraz grew, it began to become better known and more people began buying from it. This led Daraz to hire skilled workers who knew the area they were working in like the back of their hands. Daraz also began an express delivery service along with a software platform called Express delivery for its own deliveries.

Started from 15 hubs across the country, now they’ve reached 47!

This approach has helped bring major growth online since Express delivery  is easier than doing all the postal sorting oneself.

Daraz Expands its Delivery Service | Now in 47 Cities 2

About Daraz 

Daraz was known as Kaymu before it was rebranded as Daraz in 2016. It was created by Muneed Mayr & Fares Shah in Pakistan as an online fashion retailer. The company diversified its products and later expanded to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar In May 2018, Daraz was acquired by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and not so long after it gained massive popularity and became well known as the go-to e-commerce platform for online shopping in Nepal. Daraz has a variety of product lines available to identify the diverse needs of its customers. Kitchenware, furniture, musical instruments, clothing, foods, gadgets, and more can be found on this massive online retail platform. This company has aided the growth of online shopping in Nepal by providing secure and convenient payment methods such as cash on delivery and IME pay among many others. They also offer hassle-free returns and exchanges and easy and fast customer service Daraz  became so popular because people have grown to love it that much that they haven’t looked back since!

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