With an objective to encourage online purchases from e-commerce websites and to promote online payments for such shopping during the Tihar festival, NCHL jointly with NIC Asia Bank Ltd. has initiated an offer “connectIPS Digital Kinmel”.

connectIPS Digital Kinmel

Within this offer, the bank customers can make online purchases from Thulo.com and Kalpamart for any of its products, who will then be eligible for 15% discount not exceeding NRs. 500 per transaction upon making payment from connectIPS. The offer will be valid from 27thKartik till 1st of Mangsir, 2077 targeting the Tihar festive period.

The bank customers can enroll in connectIPS system and link their bank accounts(s) with one-time verification from the bank or self-verify the bank account for selected banks. Payments in connectIPS can be initiated from www.connectips.com, its mobile application, payment processor (gateway) or most of the bank’s mobile or internet banking.

If you are new to connectIPS then Getting Started with connectIPS is not that hard. All you need to do download their app or visit connectIPS web portal and follow the registration instructions.


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