Clubhouse is all set to add Direct Messaging Feature


Clubhouse, the trending audio-only chat app isn’t going to be audio-specific anymore after the next update. Creators of Clubhouse had accidentally leaked the chatroom feature but it was immediately removed later on. Some eagle-eyed users spotted it and wasted no time to uncover the new feature that appeared just for a brief time. The feature known as Backchannel is said to be Clubhouse’s own private messaging feature which enables users to chat via text instead of audio. Until now there actually is no way to interact with others on Clubhouse other than by raising your hand and becoming a speaker in the room. However, Clubhouse is all set to add Direct Messaging Feature very soon.

What is Clubhouse Backchannel?

Clubhouse Backchannel is an upcoming text-based direct messaging feature on Clubhouse. This feature is expected to allow users to interact with each other without leaving the app. Clubhouse is adding a solid medium of two-way communication with this feature. Since its wide adoption, the company has received multiple complaints from users regarding the lack of a chat feature. Uses have to rely on other third-party instant messaging apps to simultaneously chat with the participants. The chat feature is thought to be in closed beta test at this point of time. Users can expect to use it soon after the completion. 

Why Direct Messaging feature on Clubhouse?

With more than 30 million downloads over various devices across the globe, Clubhouse runs approximately 400,000 rooms each day with audiences ranging from all sectors. The ability to live interact with famous celebrities is still a driving force behind the unprecedented rise of this platform. But, the app has been pretty popular with internet marketers lately. However, users have been found to complain that the inability to direct text has impacted their experience with this platform. The direct messaging feature on Clubhouse will surely eliminate the communication gap and further retain users for more time on its platform.

What are your thoughts on Clubhouse Backchannel?  Is Clubhouse taking a wise by adopting more engaging features like direct messaging? Drop them in the comments below.

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