An Event on Mother’s Evolving Role in a Child’s Education by Chimpvine Concluded Successfully


A panel discussion on a mother’s evolving role in a child’s education was successfully hosted by Chimpvine. The gathering, which took place on Mother’s Day, featured five speakers who discussed the transition to online learning and the importance of gamification in education.

Chimpvine successfully conducts Panel discussion

The webinar featured 5 renowned guest speakers Mannsi Agrawal, Usha Khatiwada, Shrijana Shrestha, Milan Dixit and Sabita Sharma who shared their valuable experience and opinions on the discussion. They also discussed the difficulties that educational institutions have had in adapting to the change in teaching and learning processes. The panellists also shared their perspectives as mothers on adjusting to this change and the new difficulties they face in assisting their children in the learning process.

Overall, the event provided an informative look at the current transition in education from offline to online platforms, as well as how educators, parents, and children are coping with it. Via a gamified approach to learning and providing children with a positive learning environment, Chimpvine has also been helping to adapt to this transition. Chimpvine now has over 130 games, 5000 quizzes, and a plethora of other educational and interactive tools. You can sign up now and check them out for free.

The event was supported by Techsathi as a Social Media Partner, UG Cakes as Event Partner, Filili Connect as Event and Delivery Partner, and I am the Gardener as the Gift Partner. The event drew a sizable crowd, including a number of well-known educational figures.

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