Bramo: A Tale Untold – A Project of Nepali Developers

Bramo: A Tale Untold - A Project of Nepali Developers 1

Bramo is an adventure role-playing game which is a concept of Reizon Studios, a Nepal-based company. The game is based on an epic journey of Bramo which revolves around the events inspired by ‘Ramayana’. This game would contain various familiar characters from Hindu mythology. Here, Bramo goes on a mission to fight evil and get the victory of light over darkness.

Elements of the Game

As seen in the visuals of the trailer, the game takes us on a journey where the main character of the game (Bramo) is on a mission to get rid of all the evil powers. According to Reizon Studios, the game will have multiple volumes and will be published accordingly. The players will be able to get missions and continue playing from the previous point where they left through the lobby area.

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Volume 1: Avatar

Bramo goes on to explore three different places/regions which are related to Lords- Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Starting the journey from Mount Meru, Bramo goes on exploring Kailash and Vaikuntha. The motive of the mission is to get a chance to request Lord Vishnu to reincarnate on Earth.

Region 1: Mount Meru

In this part of the game, there will be around 9 to 12 missions. Here players are required to perform activities such as collecting books and rescuing the souls from evils custody. More activities are yet to be disclosed by the developers. After the completion of all the missions, Bramo will get a token from Lord Brahma which would signify the completion of missions so that you could continue to the second region.

Region 2 includes the location of Kailash and Region 3 refers to Vaikuntha.

As mentioned on Reizon Studios website, there are two more volumes which are named “Adventures in Ajodhya” and “The Great War”.

After completion of the mission, Bramo hands over the mission items to the guide in exchange of next mission details and rewards. These are the only details that have been disclosed by the developers.


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