Just In: Another Data Breach Claimed in Nepal


Just in: A twitter handle on the name of Lanpan Khyāh has claimed to leak information of 500 users. Yesterday the twitter handle tweeted promising the data leak stating Nepal government to be a reason for it. The total leaked data includes information about 500 people with their names and phone number. To prove the legitimacy of the data, the anonymous added addresses of 250 people out of 500.

Data Breach Nepal

After the recent data breaches of Foodmandu, Vianet, and prabhuMoney employees, this incident has added fuel to the fire.

The anonymous person published an article on Medium explaining the reason behind this act. Lanpan Khyāh mentioned an incident that happened a few days ago in Birgunj.

The Reason Behind the Claimed Breach by the Anonymous

According to the post, a few days back, a journalist was badly beaten up badly and was kept in custody despite of having media pass. This is just an example of all the cruel, inhumane, and irresponsible acts government has been imposing in this period. According to the write-up, another media person tried to coordinate the incident with SP, but he wasn’t ready to discuss on this topic. His recent corrupted activities are still on the list, but the anonymous user doesn’t want to expose it right now.

The anonymous user also claims the journalists who were tested COVID-19 positive in Birgunj was a conspiration by the Police department to stop this clash between police and journalists by creating fake reports. However, there is no proper factual evidence to it other than the writer’s personal opinion.

The anonymous states that this was done to make everyone aware of the internally corrupted system and bring attention to it. The user has also noted that if the government doesn’t respond within three days in favor of the journalist, double the number of user’s data will be leaked. If there isn’t any response in 6 days, more data will be leaked. If there isn’t any response from the stakeholders till the 9th day, then the user’s data will be leaked every three days. The person claims to continuously leak information until proper action is taken against the people who are misusing their power to silence these journalists.

However, there is no factual information until now whether these data are legitimate or not. We’ll keep you updated about further developments in the story.


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