All You Need to Know about Payment of Government Portals in ConnectIPS


ConnectIPS is a single payment platform that grants you to link one or multiple bank accounts and then use one of such bank accounts for payments. It can be used as a payment processor, for fund transfer, and service/biller payments.

Government Payments from ConnectIPS

All You Need to Know about Payment of Government Portals in ConnectIPS 1

It is available at web portal checkouts of various service providers such as government portals. The government portals available in connectIPS are (FCGO, Tax, Loksewa, passport, CRO, Traffic Fine Payment), TMS of NEPSE, insurance websites, travel and tour, airlines, and several others. The Government of Nepal has taken an initiative for fully integrated and automated e-payment transactions related to payouts and revenue collection. The most successful rollout of the payout (G2B) transactions, the government of Nepal has now adapted the e-payment for revenue collection as well.

Traffic fine payment From Connnect IPS
Traffic fine payment From Connnect IPS.

This e-payment method ends the outdated way of maintaining paperwork and means less of moving around at the counters carrying cash or cheque meant for payment purposes. Customers with this service will be able to enter all revenue details from the integrated web portal and its application of the revenue collecting division. Once the customer is ready to pay, they just need to select the connectIPS payment option in pay directly from the linked bank account. 

Peer to Peer or P2P payments (which allow the transfer of funds between two parties) can be processed directly from or connectIPS’ mobile app, which is available for both android and IOS. To make tax/nontax revenue payments to the government of Nepal, the Financial Controller General Office(,, Inland Revenue Division(, and Public Service Commission – Loksewa ( has been designated.

This initiative started by the government of Nepal is far more innovative and acts as a hassle-free method compared to visiting a tax office or its designated bank branch for tax payment or in that case any other government service officers for making payment. This initiative will not only boost operational efficiency, reduce cost and advance public services but will also increase the overall state of financial transparency while paramount the endorsement of electronic payments in Nepal.


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