Laxmi Bank Starts ” Smart Fone Loan”: Get Loan up to 2 lakhs Directly from the Phone


Laxmi bank, one of the most technically dynamic banks of Nepal has introduced a digital lending loan scheme called “Smart Fone loan”. With this latest scheme, customers of Laxmi bank can get small short-term pre-approved loans instantly, through Laxmi Bank’s Mobile Money app. The bank believes that the introduction of a loan system directly from the smartphone and integrating it into the main application minimizes time and effort for both the customers and the bank. 

Laxmi Bank has become the pioneer among the banks in the adaptation of digital technology in recent times. Just a few months ago, the bank had introduced a cardless withdrawal of money in its ATMs amid the covid-19 Pandemic. Now it has come up with an easy, time-saving, and hassle-free loan procedure for loans. The scheme will greatly benefit the customers who just have to take a small amount as a loan from the bank but they are forced to wait for longer times in the name of certification, verification, and collateral. The loan process is fully digital which eliminates the need for any documentation and application. The loan will also be pre-approved. 

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For now, Laxmi Bank is offering this service exclusively to individual customers who have payroll/ savings account in Laxmi Bank & who perform regular transaction from Laxmi bank. The bank’s Analytics software embedded in the app automatically determines whether the user is qualified for the loan or not. If the user is qualified the software shows the Laxmi Bank Fone Loan option in the menu. Then the amount of loan is determined automatically by Decision Analytics Software. The amount will be based on the account and transaction history of the customer. The service can also be attributed to a virtual credit card for customers.


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