5 Nepali Podcasts You Must Listen To


If you are somebody who enjoys listening to people and their meaningful conversations on a wide variety of topics, podcasts are your thing! In recent years, we have witnessed the growth of some incredible Nepali podcasts. Their selection and delivery of content is just mind blowing. As audiences, we can enjoy conversations on some compelling subjects like politics, branding, entrepreneurship, startups, spirituality, feminism, travel stories and so on. On top of that, it is always fascinating to hear inspiring stories from our own people. 

Here, we have listed out 5 of our favourites!

Top 5 Nepali Podcasts

1. The Doers Nepal

The Doers Nepal is one of the most interesting and influential Nepali podcasts. As they say, there are a lot of people who are great thinkers. So, The Doers Nepal was initiated in order to push these thinkers to become executors. The platform allows established as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to come forward and talk about the opportunities, challenges and prospects they perceive. After the successful launch of 6th Season, The Doers Nepal has come with a brand new series called ‘Doers Goes Outdoors’ where leaders from various spectrums share their stories about their turning points. Apart from Youtube, you can hear the doers podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcast and iTunes.

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2. Mero2Paisa

Mero2Paisa, in itself, is a very intriguing name. And the content simply justifies it. It is translated as ‘my two cents’ which basically signifies that all of us have our own perspective and are capable of expressing it. The best part about Mero2Paisa is the unique synergy between hosts and the guests. The content doesn’t have a specified niche and revolves around a wide variety of subjects. It is the best podcast for people who are curious and hungry for knowledge. Not to forget, the enthusiasm of Aashish Adhikari (Founder and the host) and his portrayal of views makes it just incredible. 

3. Dhikichyau The Podcast

Ofcourse, Dhikichyau would obviously make its way here. Two young hosts with their phenomenal perspective on things is something that makes Dhikichyau The Podcast worth listening to. Their selection of discussion topics as well as the guests is extensive. From fitness, to economy to political literacy, it is a junction for people with progressive mindset. You can also listen to them on Spotify and iTunes and we highly recommend the channel to young and progressive individuals.

4. Aji’s Podcast

Aji’s is one of the most special podcasts we have ever come across. Aji’s Podcast features inspiring and heartwarming life stories of the elderly. Every episode is featured in a way that inspires the younger generation. Aji’s in itself is a social enterprise that helps the elderly by empowering them and providing a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge. The efforts made by Aji’s team to safeguard the stories and wisdom of the elderly is just extraordinary. The episodes are also accessible on Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and TuneIn. 

5. Millenials of Kathmandu

Millennials are known to be the most adaptive, confident and ambitious generation of all time. Likewise, the podcasts from Millenials of Kathmandu reflect the same thing. It is hosted by two millennial women with a revolutionary point of view. The podcasts really portray a millennial’s journey in an adventurous way. As of now, there are three incredible sessions you must not miss ; Hot Potato Podcast, XOXO series and Unraveling Stories. The channel is so wholesome and it’s especially recommended for millennials.


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