YouTube is Testing New Features: Here are Some of Them


Popular Video-sharing giant YouTube is testing a lot of features in recent days. The features include automatic translation, change in the channel name, and also added ability to hide dislike count. Over the last few days, Spanish and Portuguese users have reported that the platform is showing the option to auto-translate the video title. Not only this other users are able to hide dislikes on their videos and are able to change their channel name separately. 

Recently YouTube stated that it had been testing a new feature in which the title of a YouTube video will automatically get translated to the native language of the viewer. A small translation icon can be seen in the video title after it gets translated to the user’s native language. YouTube uses Google’s translator AI to translate the video title automatically. Alongside the video title, the video description and captions on the video will also be translated simultaneously. The feature will be extremely useful for a large portion of non-English speaking YouTube viewers. Approximately two billion non-English speaking users use the platform each month. In addition to this, the video-sharing giant is also experimenting with the feature in which it automatically hides dislikes to protect creators and channels from targeted attacks to downvote their videos.  YouTube finally listened to its creators after a long long time as it enabled creators the ability to change channel name without affecting the name on Google account. 

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The server-side change will soon come into effect for global users through the update. YouTube expects the new feature will provide a wider reach and help to limit negative feedback on its platform. The removal of the dislike button will be a catalyst to motivate the creators and assist them emotionally. 

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