You can Now Pay Traffic Fines Online from eSewa!


From mobile recharge top-ups to payments for small grocery stores, cable car tickets, online shopping, paying insurance fees, overall every kind of online payment service has been available within eSewa and is still counting. 

Recently, the online payment service of the Inland Revenue Office was launched in eSewa which was a commendable effort in the way of bringing governmental payment services under the canopy of digital payment systems.

Continuing its persistent effort in adding value to its customers,  eSewa has launched a new service where you can pay Traffic Fines online. Now, the facility of paying to the traffic has also been introduced by eSewa.

Get rid of the hassle of having to waste your whole day visiting the traffic police office, going to the bank, paying the fine and again going back to the traffic police office to get your license back! What a hectic task, isn’t it? Well, it would be a lot easier from now on. 

One can easily pay the traffic police through their own eSewa account and would only need to go to the traffic office to get your license back after paying a fine.

How to pay Pay Traffic Fines from eSewa:

1. Click on the Traffic Police Fine Payment option on Government Payment

traffic fines esewa

2. Fill up the Chit number and select the fiscal year. Then tap on “Proceed


3. Make sure all the details shown are correct and then Click “Proceed“.


4. Once again confirm the details, click on “Confirm” and complete the payment process by entering MPIN / Fingerprint.

traffic fines esewa

This is another milestone for eSewa in digital payment where it is gradually integrating governmental services in its payment system.This type of integration would be surely a relief for people who are more prone in violating the traffic rules! Jokes apart, one could not agree more that eSewa has initiated this service that would save a lot of time while paying fines to the traffic. However, there is still a lag that one needs to visit the traffic police office to get back their license. We hope our government and payment service providers like eSewa would certainly find a solution for this.


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