Vianet Introduces Ultra-Fi Plans: Get High Speed Internet at Low Price


Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd. is one of Nepal’s most well-known Internet and television service providers. Vianet, which was founded in 1999, has always been at the forefront of providing dependable and affordable Broadband Internet Services. Vianet was the first Internet service provider in Nepal to offer dedicated speeds without any sharing ratio when Fiber Optics Internet, also known as FTTH Internet, was introduced in 2011. In 2016, Vianet launched one of Nepal’s first IPTV services, offering one of the best selections of HD Live TV channels and features like Pause & Play. Vianet has been bringing new packages and offers for a long time now. Recently, it has introduced Vianet Ultra-fi plans as well to keep up with the competition.

Vianet New Packages + Upgrades

  • Reward Points

You can earn enough reward points to get a month of free internet just by referring someone to Vianet.

  • Ultra-Fi Plans

New Package with ultra-fast speeds at rock-bottom prices.

  • Enhanced Speed

Vianet showed a small gesture to show that they value customer’s. We hope you enjoy the enhanced speed of your Internet provided.

  • Zoom Packages

Vianet offers you Zoom packages at the best prices to make your work from home experience a lot smoother and better.

  • Vianet Router

Supports ONU auto-discovery, VLAN transparent, tag, un-tag configuration.

Vianet ULTRA-FI Plans

Ultra Experience. Ultra Entertainment. Ultra Value

Kathmandu, 9 December 2021: Vianet launched a new package, also knows as the Ultra-Fi line of products – Internet plans that promise to give its users the highest speed and quality Internet services to meet the growing needs of their customers for work, play, and school – with the goal of providing high speed and high-quality Internet services to meet the growing needs of their customers for work, play, and school.

Internet speeds at the most affordable costs.

Vianet Ultra-Fi Plans

You can now get the internet experience you’ve always wanted with Vianet Ultra-Fi .The Ultra-Fi is compatible with ViaTV, allowing you to watch live TV and videos on demand from the comfort of your own home or on the go! The best value plans, with ultra-fast speeds at rock-bottom prices as mentioned.

With ViaTV, you can get 175 Mbps for Rs. 1,250 per month.

You also get freebies on Annual Subscription which includes :

  • Rs. 1000 Reward Points Free !
  • Free Internet Installation
  • Free Set-Top-Box

Ultra-FI Package

 Ultra-Fi 125 TV+Ultra-Fi 175 2TV+Ultra-Fi 250 3TV+
 125 Mbps175 Mbps250 Mbps
1 MonthRs 1,400Rs 1,550Rs 1,900
3 MonthsRs 4,050Rs 4,500Rs 5,550
12 MonthsRs 13,200
(Effectively 1100/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!
Rs 15,000
(Effectively 1250/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!
Rs 18,000
(Effectively 1500/m)
Rs. 1,000 Reward Points Free!

According to Vianet their mission is to brighten people’s lives by offering the finest digital experience possible. Vianet has improved its infrastructure to support the extra capacity and is now supplying Dual Band ONUs – Optical Network Units – through partnerships with worldwide firms such as Nokia, Juniper, Cisco, Ciena, and now C-Data. According to Vianet, the ONUs given are Mesh capable, and the business plans to offer affordable Mesh Wi-Fi solutions to its clients soon.


This was all about Vianet and their updated services and packages.

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