Veda school management software successfully organised its event Reimagining Education : Technology’s Role in Addressing Education Challenges, sponsored by eSewa Pvt. Ltd. and WorldLink Communications Ltd. in Bharatpur.

The event was aimed at bringing educators across the district in one place to spark a conversation around technology’s role in the future of education. 250 educators from Chitwan attended this event which included teachers, principals, and administrators.

The event also saw Veda’s first physical expansion outside the Kathmandu Valley. Company CEO Nirdesh Dwa noted the inescapable reality of education depending on technology in the future. He also reinstated that the company will continue to ensure that our country’s educational standards match those of countries like Finland. He also pressed on the importance of technology and how schools and colleges should adapt digital means sooner than later.

Furthermore, Dwa thanked all the users and also added, “This is a big step for us. Chitwan is the first of many to witness our physical presence”.

Apart from physical expansion, it has also been expanding its reach internationally. It began supporting schools in Brunei and Bangladesh back in January.

About Veda School Management Software

Developed by inGrails Pvt. Ltd. in 2016, Veda is a complete school management system that takes care of an educational institution’s entire needs digitally. From online classes, assignments, and attendance to managing billing, account, and school/college budget, it takes care of everything through a Mobile app and a web browser based platform (CMS).

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