Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6 acquired by Discord


Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6 has announced today that it has been acquired by gaming chat app giant Discord. Gamers can now expect great things coming from this collaboration. After the acquisition, Ubiquity6 team will join Discord’s existing San Francisco based team as a part of its R&D division. Likewise, they will collaboratively work on discord games which as of writing counts approximately 100 members.

What next for Discord and Ubiquity6 ?

Discord will use the resources of Ubiquity6 to develop augmented reality technology for the enterprise. The acquisition is part of Discord’s efforts to expand into developing its own games. After Ubiquity6 is completely acquired by Discord, it will shut down Ubiquity6’s existing software platform. Discord further hopes to revive and encourage the mass adoption of the struggling mobile AR market with the acquisition of Ubiquity6. 

About Ubiquity6

Ubiquity6 is a five-year-old San Francisco based startup working on mobile augmented reality technology. The platform creates augmented reality content and experiences for a variety of purposes and target audiences. Furthermore, Ubiquity6 has developed an artificially intelligent-powered augmented reality operating system for multi-user and multi-device communication experiences. Ubiquity6 lets you point your smartphone at objects around you to reveal information and join an increasingly crowded space of startups trying to reinvent the way we interact with digital content.

Lately, Ubiquity6 is also working on a desktop platform to allow users remotely play online party games together. The beta platform, which the company has named Backyard is expected to be improvised and launched globally. However, it will only happen after the completion of the acquisition. Ubiquity6 co-founder and CEO James Schaeffer recently announced the deal. He added that it will only be finalized after the official end of the company’s Series A funding round which is happening and ends in July. Ubiquity6 has already raised $37.5 million and plans to raise a further $6 million before the acquisition. 

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