Tootle or Pathao: Which One is Best for you ?


According to MarketWatch, the Global Ride Sharing Market is valued at almost USD 74.08 billion in 2019. It is forecasted that this market will experience a healthy growth rate of more than 20.10% from 2019 A.D. till 2026 A.D. As the Ride Sharing Market is growing day by day, various ride-sharing platforms are operating in Nepal. Among various ride-sharing platforms in Nepal, Tootle and Pathao are the most popular ones.

Knowing Tootle


As mentioned on their webpage, Tootle is a ride-sharing platform designed and created in Nepal by crazy Nepali engineers. Tootle is the initiator of the ride-sharing service in Nepal and was launched in January 2017. Users can send a pickup request through the app on a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. All the riders on Tootle’s platform are experienced and verified riders. Tootle guarantees a safe and secured ride, as all rides are continuously monitored by Tootle operations. Any suspicious activity is immediately tracked and action is taken accordingly.

Knowing Pathao


Pathao is a Bangladeshi digital platform providing services like ride-sharing, food delivery, parcel delivery and many more. But in Nepal, Pathao only provides services like ride-sharing and food delivery. Pathao was launched in Nepal providing only ride-sharing service in September 2018. But later on, they added food delivery service in the Nepal market. For ridesharing, user can send pickup request to two-wheeler or four-wheeler riders as their need, like on Tootle. User can also order food from various listed restaurants through Pathao.


As Pathao is a multi-national company and is valued at over $100 Million, it definitely has an advantage over Tootle. Talking about the UI design Pathao seemed more attractive, as it has more services to provide and the dashboard seems complete. Tootle also provides great UI design and is easy to use but can improve more for better User Experience. As both of the ride-sharing platforms provide similar services, they have a huge customer base supporting the platform they use. I have tried both the service providers and had a good experience with both.

Multiple Nepali ride-sharing platforms are emerging currently in the market and I prefer to support homegrown products. So, I would choose Tootle over Pathao.

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