South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)-38 Meeting Happening From 18 July


South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)- 38 meeting is happening from tomorrow in Nepal. It is a 5-day event that is happening in Nepal where various IT professionals and network experts will be gathering in a single forum and discussing topics related to networks and information systems.

What is the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)?

South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) is a non-profit forum for data network operators in the South Asian region. It was started to bring together the operators for educational as well as co-operation for the betterment of technological utilities.

It provides a regional forum to discuss operational issues and technologies of interest to data operators in the South Asian Region.

This was consistent with long-standing norms like NANOG in North America, RIPE NCC Meetings in Europe, and APRICOT in Asia. The gathering will serve as a regional forum to talk about operational concerns and technology that data operators in the South Asian Region can more easily access. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are all included in the concept.

The inaugural SANOG Meeting took place in Kathmandu in January 2003 in conjunction with the CAN IT Conference 2003, the yearly gathering of the Computer Association of Nepal.

About SANOG Meetings

SANOG Meetings are hosted twice a year in July/August and January. So far the meetings have been hosted in Kathmandu, Colombo, Bangalore, Dhaka, Thimphu, Karachi, New Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore, Pokhara, Paro, and Cox’s Bazar. Any organization or city in the South Asian region can host the meeting.

This year, it is the 38th meeting that is being physically happening in Nepal from 18 July to 22 July. Last time, SANOG 37 was hosted as an online conference from Sri Lanka.

SANOG-38 Meeting (18-22 July 2022)

This year, the SANOG-38 meeting is going to be held in two iterations:

July 18-21, 2022Workshops Program
July 22Conference Program

From July 18 to July 2022, a workshop program will be held starting from 9:00, running till 6:00 PM with 3 usual breaks in between. Before each break, 3 different workshop programs will be held on three different topics:

  1. Routing Infrastructure and Operational Security
  2. Network Management, Monitoring, and Security
  3. Network Automation 101

You can click here to check the workshop resources.

On the last day- Friday 22nd July, a conference will be held where there will be three technical sessions on the topics related to Networking, Digital Economy, Cloud Computing, and the Internet.

The event will start with the opening plenary by Moderator Rupesh Shrestha, who is also the chair of SANOG. Similarly, a few national IT experts representing renowned companies and organizations like CAN Federation, ISPAN, Nepal Internet Foundation, Worldlink, etc will be giving their words at the event.

Likewise, the speakers from international and global tech companies like Google, Euro-IX, Huawei, etc also will be sharing the stage.

Online Registration for SANOG 38 is Still Open

There is a participation charge to attend this event. You can click on this link to register.

The fees for SANOG 38 are:

Registration Type
Local Registration Fee
Passport (Workshop and Conference)
USD 200.00
NPR 20,000.00
Workshop Only (4 days)
USD 150.00
NPR. 15,000.00
Conference Only (1 Day)
USD 50.00
NPR. 5,000.00

You will get a 15% discount while registering before the end of today (17th July 2022).

Remember that, only NPIX, CAN, ISPAN and APNIC members will be entitled to a 10% discount after 17th July 2022. The event is being held at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Kathmandu.

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