Sky Broadband Brings 15% Discount on All Internet Packages, All Over Nepal


The spread of COVID-19 has created worldwide havoc. The world is facing a crisis and almost all sectors are affected by the outbreak. Seemingly, one of the major sectors affected by this outbreak is the education sector. The implementation of lockdown and social distancing has led to the shutdown of all educational institutions. This has put semesters, exams, graduations, and everything on hold.  An alternative used to counter this problem that has been used by many educational institutions is online classes. Since there is no guarantee on when physical classes might resume many institutions have been using this as an alternative way to go on with the course. Services such as Google Hangouts and Zoom have become widely popular for conducting online classes ever since. Sky internet is here to cater to these needs in Nepal.

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Sky Broadband Internet: 15% Discount on All Packages

Sky Broadband Nepal

Focusing on that, Sky broadband is here with up to 15% discounts in all of its regular internet packages. Now, you can have a reliable connection and study online at a reduced price. The quarantine shouldn’t stop your learning experience. Therefore, what could be better than a smooth internet connection at a low price.

There has been an enormous surge in the use of the internet ever since the lockdown. Also, the Internet is now a major means of communication. Not just that, but we all know life in lockdown would be pretty much unimaginable without the Internet. Considering all of this, it is great to see Sky Broadband ISP providing such an offer for the community.

For anyone who is looking for a new internet connection, they can also connect to Sky Broadband and enjoy this offer. Your internet connection may be disrupted or you might be seeking a new connection. So, Sky Broadband is here to your rescue to make sure you stay connected to the internet.

To connect to Sky Broadband internet in available areas in Nepal, you can contact them at 01-5525888 or visit their website:

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