Sikable: A Marketplace for Connecting Learners and Experts in Nepal


As the global pandemic struck, the use and importance of online learning platforms became more prevalent than ever. Moreover, with the pandemic’s impact on many sectors, the education sector being one of them, the seekers and disseminators of knowledge wanted platforms to continue the act of teaching and learning. Many international apps like Zoom and Google hangouts became widely used to keep the education system afloat. In Nepal also, these platforms have been a savior to keep the education system going. To aid the teaching-learning experience, Sikable, an online learning platform has been introduced which is made in Nepal and for Nepal.

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About Sikable: Nepal’s Online Learning Platform

Sikable, Online Learning Platform

Sikable was founded by philanthropist entrepreneur, Gaurav Singh Basnyat. It has become a pioneer in the Nepali market devoid of any sustainable means to establish a solid e-learning community. This platform offers both students and teachers an opportunity to engage in online training and classes through video conferencing, and other useful tools like sharing resources and assignments. Moreover, the site also allows anyone to host One-Day Events for webinars, comedy shows, discussions, and others. It is an open community that welcomes creators, who are looking to share their skills online on different topics such as business studies, coding, music, photography, and so on. They want to establish an alternative marketplace where quality education can be accessed through the internet regardless of a person’s location.

Services provided by Sikable are online learning, Assignments and Notes, and Events.

Sikable is a one-stop website for the optimized operation of online courses in Nepal. They are introducing this platform with the vision of expanding the teaching-learning experience from the four walls of a classroom, to a virtual world, within the comfort of your room.

Sikable: How does it work?

Sikable operates on the Open-Market Module. It features Live Classes where Collaborators autonomously create free or paid online courses and conduct sessions through online classes. Teachers, experts, and guides are unanimously referred to as Collaborators. You can share Notes and Assignments easily. In addition, you can also conduct One-Day Events ranging from webinars, workshops, and shows for free or ticketed with options to limit seats. For ease of transaction, it has partnered with Khalti. Due to the increment in hacking and bullying on platforms like Zoom. Sikable has resorted to strict security measures to check such actions. They require compulsory verification of emails and phone numbers of the attendees to create a safer learning environment. So, be a part of the change to create a Nepal where education is for all.

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If you want to review the site, you may log in autonomously as both “Learner” and “Collaborator” to experience different functionalities.

You can visit their website here:

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