Python Remains Most Popular Programming Language To Learn


According to GitHub and Google Trends, Python was the most popular programming language in 2020. But as of June 2020, Python is the third popular programming language after C and Java, according to the TIOBE index.

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Python was introduced in the 1980s as a simplified and natural-like language by Guido van Rossum. Python is preferred by most developers, as it is simple, fast to learn and easy to use.

How was the ranking done?

To rank all the programming languages, the data of the most searched programming language in Google was compared by GitHub. According to the data collected, 29.9 percentage of all tutorials searched was for Python, while Java had 19.1 percentage and JavaScript had 8.2 percentage of all tutorials searched.

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Is this list really applicable in the context of Nepal?

If you are willing to learn a programming language for getting employed in Nepal, then this list would not be helpful to you. This list shows the popularity of each programming language based on shares of tutorial searches in Google which shows the data of worldwide searches. If you are looking for a programming language to learn in Nepal, we have got it covered for you:
1. PHP: Click Here, to view PHP jobs in Nepal
2. JavaScript: Click Here, to view JavaScript jobs in Nepal
3. Click Here, to view jobs in Nepal
4. Java: Click Here, to view C Programming jobs in Nepal

These may not be the most popular programming languages worldwide, but in my opinion, if you know any of the above-mentioned languages, it would be easy for you to find a job in Nepal. The programming languages in the above list is sorted randomly.

If you have a different opinion, feel free to comment down below.

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