NT Paathshala CUG SIM: Get 5GB Data, Unlimited Voice Calls at NPR. 99 Per Month


After months of confirmation of the introduction of a special SIM card for students and teachers. Nepal Telecom finally started to provide “Paathshala CUG SIM” for free. A specially designed SIM card, mainly focused to facilitate  the online classes during the pandemic.  Paathsala CUG SIM card is extremely  feature packed with nominal charges per month. Even after this offer will be over, users can use the pathsala CUG SIM as a regular SIM card. 

What is Paathshala CUG SIM card?

Paathshala CUG SIM card is a specially designed SIM card to facilitate the online classes of students of Community /Public/ Government schools. It is also available for the teachers, parents, and board of directors of the school. The Paathshala CUG SIM card is the implementation of the guideline formulated by the ministry of education for free or subsidized internet.  In order to make online classes effective even in remote areas. The main aim of the government is to make online learning and communication affordable among teachers, students, parents, and school staff.

Features of Nepal Telecom Paathshala CUG SIM

Paathshala CUG SIM card  is not like a regular SIM card. It is an exclusive sim card through which we can carry out unlimited voice calls between the corporate user groups at just Rs 99: a month. Users can get 5GB data for free but all data plans will also be available as usual. Furthermore users can get an additional 1GB data which they can use for any content at any time. 

Why should you get Paathsala CUG SIM?

  • Free SIM card to students, parents, teachers, staff and BoDS studying at public school.
  • Prepare a CUG (closed user group) for a School among teachers, students.
  • Student plan: Rs 99 per month (VAT/TSC/OT not included)
  • Voice unlimited among the CUG of school
  • 5GB data pack to access learning materials at Sikayi Chautari
  • 1GB data for all content.
  • 100 free SMS within CUG numbers.
  • Bulk SMS service for message delivery

How to get the SIM?

There are basically two ways to get the SIM card. The first one is to visit your local level office and fill out the CUG form and submit it to the Nepal Telecom office. After 2-3 days, you’ll get a sim. The other way is to visit your school, ask for the letter regarding the CUG SIM and submit it to the NTC office. 


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