NIC Asia Bank Starts Card-based Internet Payment Gateway in Collaboration with Cybersource


NIC ASIA Bank just launched its own Card-based Internet Payment Gateway which will help merchants receive online payment via cards. Powered by Cybersource Inc.

NIC Asia Payment Gateway

Cybersource is a subsidiary company of VISA that has been providing its gateway service across various part of the world. It has its service extended in India, China, the United States and other countries of Asia, Europe and Africa. Moreover, this gateway is best known for its best service and will provide:

  • Success rate of transactions,
  • Swift processing and
  • Merchant centric data analytics

This gateway service will serve multiple business domains in Nepal based on online platforms/presence. These businesses will include eCommerce, travel, tours and ticketing, tourism and hospitality, entertainment and adventure, airlines, payment service providers, payment system operators, artefacts traders and donation-based I/NGOs.

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More to that, since there is a direct transaction, payments can be directly received at merchant’s bank account. However, the account should be maintained at NIC ASIA Bank. More importantly, the service also provides merchants with their own dashboard and access to a wide range of reports/analytics, so it makes things easier as well.

So, we can say that the service opens up a wide horizon of potential customer base with whom they can maintain a business relationship.

This is a great initiative and has a lot of perks to it as well. Also, various merchants in the country will be able to establish business relations with a large number of national and international card users and receive payments directly to their NIC Asia Bank account.
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