Netflix launched Fast laughs, a Tik-Tok like feed for phones


After nearly a year of constant trial and experiment, Netflix has finally launched fast laughs.  It is basically a tik-tok like feed of funny videos inside the Netflix mobile app which lets users to watch, react, or share the short clips. The feature is available in select countries and iOS devices until now. Netflix claims that the feature will be available globally within a month. 

Initially, fast laughs contain short clips from Netflix’s comedy shows, movies, and web series. It also features popular snippets from top stand-up comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Wong and many others. Commonly the length of clips ranges from 15-45 seconds but Netflix hasn’t specified the actual length yet. 

Tiktok has seen tremendous growth over recent years. Netflix even referred TikTok as its prime competitor in its latest report. In the current scenario, the launch of fast laughs seems quite a smart move by Netflix to retain its users. The feature also enables Netflix to showcase the wide variety of content it had in its library in a funnier way. The new feature seems like  Netflix’s previews in which uses can view short trailers of the show. 

Fast Laughs is a new full-screen feed of funny clips from a wide variety of Netflix titles, ranging from films and series to our deep bench of stand-up specials.

We’re always looking for new ways to entertain and make discovery easier for members and it is a part of a plan  

Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix

Instead of liking and commenting on videos, as you would in a social video app, the feed is designed to encourage users to add shows to their Netflix watch list for later viewing. In this sense, it’s serving a similar purpose to Netflix’s “Previews” feature, which helps users discover shows by watching clips and trailers from popular and newly released programming


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