NEA accelerates the Construction of EV Charging Stations


Nepal government has started to finalize the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in the country. After many delays, finally, the government is in the last stage of the agreement with 13 shortlisted companies. Nepal electricity authority had called up for EV charging station tenders a year ago. Now  NEA  has shortlisted the candidates. 

NEA is planning to build 50 charging stations throughout the country in the first phase. With a construction budget of Nrs 60 crore, the government wants to build the stations in the most relevant areas. The government conducted a feasibility study around a year ago and it had reportedly acquired the land too.  

” The construction company will be finalized in the week and the work will be initiated starting next week “

Chief Project manager of EV charging station Mr Sagar Gyanwali

Out of. 50 charging stations in the first phase.  Each state will have 5,  10  charging stations will be on Kathmandu valley, and the remaining 5 will be built in other major cities depending on the necessity, vehicle overflow, and population. NEA estimates that the EV charging station will consume approximately 7000k/w of electricity. Each EV charging stations will have a 142 k/w DC charger which approximately costs Nrs 30. Lakhs. The charging stations will be capable to charge 3 vehicles simultaneously and users can book the charging time and place through the Mobile app. 

The project subsidized by the Asian Development Bank hopes to reduce the use of petrol and diesel cars. With the optimal availability of electricity in the country, the government wants to encourage the use of eco-friendly electronic vehicles. The EV charging stations will consist of restaurants and refreshment parks so that travelers don’t feel bored during the charging period. Travelers can charge and have lunch at the same time which reduces the journey time 


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