NepMeds to Host a Webinar on COVID-19 Facts, Awareness, and Myths


COVID has been taking a significant toll for quite a while. At the same time, the myths, disbeliefs, and untried theories on COVID, which has been circulating among the public, is creating more confusion. The fear and anxiety of the spread of disease are increasing due to these disbeliefs. Besides, habitual and unhygienic practices are aiding the spread.

Under these critical circumstances, NepMeds, a digital healthcare platform in the Country is preparing for a live Webinar, happening on September 05, 2020, 3:15 pm onwards. The Webinar is supposed to be an awareness program to aware people of the COVID crisis and help them understand the facts and disregard the myths. 


NepMeds is an online medical store that provides various kinds of medical products and services. The platform is successfully running its Online Pharmacy service, has recently started an Online Doctor Consultation service, and is working to introduce more of its services like Vaccination and Laboratory.

NepMeds is organizing this live Webinar in collaboration with Frontline COVID-19 healthcare experts. The participating experts include;

  • Dr. Rabindra Pandey (Public Health Specialist)
  • Dr. Santa Kumar Das (Respiratory Physician, Teaching Hosp.)
  • Dr. Santosh Dulal (Scientist)
  • Dr. Ramesh Dhakal (MD, Shankarapur Hospital)
NepMeds Webinar

The interested individuals can attend this live Webinar by filling up a Google form. The individuals are also allowed to add their specific queries that they want the experts to answer. The webinar is expected to give answers on what, how, and whatnot about the current COVID crisis.

NepMeds Webinar on COVID-19, How to Register ?

Interested individuals can follow this link for registration.

At the time of crisis like this, these kinds of programs can help a lot in spreading awareness. In this current scenario, a lot of people have confusion and queries relating to COVID. People have confusion about the testing methods adopted; they are unaware of the researches and other practical efforts that various institutions in the country are spending time on. People are also worried about the post COVID scenario, they are wondering if life can get back to normal as it used to be. There are questions about the condition of health facilities post COVID.  There are questions regarding other critical diseases and how will these be addressed post-COVID. This kind of program can provide a lot of benefits as people can hear about practical case scenarios, researches being carried out, and practical stats from the experts themselves.

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There are a whole lot of theories surrounding us at the moment, there are different information claiming to be the cure to the disease, questioning the applicability of the test methods and cure strategies under practice. As such, people have confusion about whom and what to believe. At the time of confusion like this, we should only trust reliable sources and only listen to the experts as they are the ones who are aware of practical case scenarios. The live Webinars like this one are an opportunity for the public to connect to the experts and have a clear understanding of the facts.


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