Nepali Freefire Players Appeal for Equal Opportunity in Tournaments


Nepali Freefire Players have started a campaign to get the attention of Garena Freefire using four different Hashtags (i.e. #FairPlatformToNepal , #SeparateTournmentForNepal , #ShameOnFreeFireIndia and #Racismingarenafreefire) on various social media platforms.

If you are not familiar with the game, Freefire is a battle royale game published by Garena and is available for both Android and iOS devices. In this game, 50 players jump from an aeroplane into an island in search of weapons and equipment. After all other players are killed the last one standing would be the winner of the match.

What’s the Buzz all about?

Things got escalated when Garena Freefire announced Tri-nation Series including the players from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. According to the players, they had to play Freefire tournaments representing India, as there is no separate recognition/platform as a country for Nepal.

As mentioned on Nepal Gaming Community Facebook page, following mentioned are the things that the players are requesting Garena (Company owning the Freefire Game) to provide:

  • FreeFire Nepal Championship (only for Nepali Players)
  • Equal Slot in all the pro league for Nepalese teams
  • Minimum one slot for Nepal in World Series
  • Freefire Nepal Official Page and Youtube Channel

The main agenda of this campaign is to get a specific platform/championship where Nepali players can prove themselves by competing with Free Fire players within Nepal. Demanding a separate Server is not an agenda for this campaign. Players just want a tournament where only Nepali player could compete and represent Nepal in other various tournaments organized by Garena Freefire.

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Note: The above article is based on the information collected from various online/offline sources and is a opinion of Nepali FreeFire Players.

You can participate in this campaign by using above mentioned Hashtags or just re-tweet the tweet attached below.

Please! Feel free to leave your opinion regarding the campaign in comment section below.

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    #FairPlatformfornepal we are separate country we are not include with india we are indipident Gurkhali

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