Nepal Government Launches COVID NP App


The spread of misinformation has been a major problem in the current coronavirus pandemic. Fake rumors and news have been spreading all over the web. People are having a hard time figuring out what to believe and what not to believe. Although there are a few trusted sites out there still people have to browse through different web pages to seek correct information.

But what if I told you that now you can find all official information regarding COVID-19 in one app? Yes, that is true. A government committee formed with the initiation of Mr. Asgar Ali (IT Consultant to Prime Minister of Nepal) has made this possible. Not just that but the app also brings together other essential services required during this period. Services such as Doctor’s Counseling, CODI-19 Learning, COVID-19 Certification, Self COVID-19 test, and more are made available in this app.

COVID NP App: Everything related COVID-19, Contact Tracing in One App

  • Contact Tracing
  • Self COVID-19 Test
  • Doctor’s Counseling
  • COVID-19 Self Test
  • COVID-19 Learning, Certification
COVID NP, Nepal Contract Tracing App

You can download the COVID NP app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store now through this link:

After downloading the app, there is an easy signup process where you will need to provide your general information. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to assess yourself through a quick self COVID-19 test. The test involves questions related to symptoms and safety measures of COVID-19. The test will provide you with the necessary feedback according to the evaluation.

Nepal Government Launches COVID NP App 2

The app provides you with everything you need to know regarding coronavirus in Nepal. From a number of infected people, recovered people to total tests taken and people in isolation; you can find everything here. It also gives you a province by province breakdown of the cases. Furthermore, the app also has a section where you can apply for an electronic pass, order household needs, counsel doctors, and more.  All of this with a cool user-friendly user interface makes this app a must-have during this pandemic outbreak. This by far seems to be the best Contact Tracing app made through government initiation.

Some other helpful features found in the app are Emergency Numbers of various helplines, Suspect reporting which allows you to report any suspicious person in your locality who might be showing symptoms of the virus, COVID-19 Certification course which is a course you can take to gain knowledge on everything you need to know about the novel virus. There is also an option for security reporting to report any misconduct.


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