E-learning program ‘My Second Teacher’ commenced in Nepal


Innovative Nepal Group (ING) which is an investment holding company dedicated to revolutionizing higher education in Nepal by combining foreign qualifications with local environments has launched a learning and teaching application called “My Second Teacher”. 

To revolutionize the education system in Nepal and to promote education in parts where education has not been accessed before, this platform application has been introduced as a product of Innovative Nepal Group. This learning platform provides true tutoring support for Nepali students with the Nepali curriculum (SEE, NEB, and more).In the preliminary phase learning resources for Grade 10 (SEE) students are arranged in this platform and in the course of a year learning material is said to be extended to other levels as well. 

‘My second teacher’ app was first launched internationally in 2019 in an attempt to improve the delivery of education globally. It has been able to win multiple awards like Asia Pacific Region (APAC) 2020 by establishing itself as a commendable academic delivery platform throughout the world. Despite being initiated lately in Nepal this learning platform is going to deliver many new opportunities for students across our country.

How ‘My Second Teacher’ helps Students, Teachers, and Parents

‘My Second Teacher’ helps its Students to learn while utilizing resources like eBooks and study through interactive learning videos, get answers from live tutors online, take mastery or mock tests, and get diagnostic reports to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, among other things.

My Second Teacher Nepal

It also assists Teachers to schedule and conduct live video-based classes, distribute assignments, and publish results while helping students access learning resources. School leaders are also benefited by this app since it allows school leaders like principals to gain insight into their school performance. Parents/Guardians of students can monitor their children’s academic progress and play a part in their learning process.

Learning is being made more reciprocal through Interactive videos, eBooks, Test papers, Tutor Support, Group chat, Reports and Statistics, Classroom, Quizzes, and Simulation. To use this learning platform users may either download the app “My Second Teacher” from the PlayStore or log in to https://mysecondteacher.com.np/.

This learning platform is already doing its wonders in 16 countries around the world. ‘My Second Teacher’ introduced in Nepal by the Innovative Nepal Group is a huge step forward in the prospect of digitizing education while making it an innovative replacement for conventional methods of learning. This app is not only engaging but also grants a very pleasant learning experience by acting as a learning partner which one can access anytime and from any place. If the ‘My Second Teacher’ app is practiced and implemented widely it surely is going to lead the future of learning in Nepal while making the learning approach more sophisticated.


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