Microsoft to launch Windows 11 on June 24


After months of rumors and speculations, Microsoft has finally revealed the release date for the next generation of Windows. CEO, Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay will provide the first glimpse of the much anticipated generational update of Windows in a virtual event on June 24. Microsoft hasn’t officially cited it as Windows 11 but it provides clarity with its actions. Microsoft teased the event with a logo with Sunlight that curiously finishes as what appears as number ’11. Not only this, Microsoft has shifted the regular event time and moved to 11 AM EST. The company also presented an 11-minute video on YouTube with various Windows startup sounds. 

What are the major updates? 

We are used to seeing the boring and often buggy windows update time and again. But this time, Windows is getting a full revamp and there are a lot of things to get excited about. The next-gen windows will surely add tons of new features along with new UI and many more.  Here are the top confirmed changes of new  revamped windows 11  in nearly six years

Windows 11 New UI

Microsoft to launch Windows 11 on June 24 2

Windows users are demanding newly improved and sleek UI for a long time. Finally, windows is set to listen to them and bring a new UI overhaul in its latest update. New icons will be added as well as there will be significant changes in Windows apps. The old start menu will be replaced with a clean and modern one in which Menu, Start Menu, and Quick settings will be separated. There will also be a new action center and a touch of the rounded edge will be presented everywhere. Windows 11 will also get fresh new icons something which windows haven’t changed since as early as Windows 95

Confirmed new features of Windows 11

Few of the new features of Windows 11 have been confirmed by series of leaks both by Microsoft and other reputed sources. The upcoming version of Windows will have improved snap assist, improved battery stats and health along with a  dashboard for upcoming events, various activities, and recent. The new windows will also push weather and feed to the taskbar. Alongside these features, windows will bring out several other new features which we’ll see on June 24. 

Improved App Store 

Microsoft is expected to bring a big overhaul to its app store in the latest update. The store will be far more open to all types of apps and games which paves the way for developers to be able to submit any Windows application to the store. The UI of the store will be completely changed and unpackaged win 32 apps are also allowed to submit in the store. With this update, Microsoft also eases developers to update their apps as developers can embed their own content delivery network in the store. Developers are also provided an opportunity to co collect In-app revenue from their apps. 

Microsoft had previously changed windows into a Software as a service (SAAS) model. After the introduction of Windows 11, Windows 10 will get continuous updates and major upgrades twice a year until 14 October 2025. The event will be live-streamed, and you’ll be able to watch it at –


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