Xiaomi Unveils Mi Air Charge Technology to Fuel Up Devices Over the Air


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has introduced Mi Air Charge Technology, a revolutionary wireless charging technology. With the use of this technology, smartphones and other electrical devices can be charged without any medium. Multiple smartphones can be charged with an output of 5 Watt wirelessly. The company claims that devices can be charged at the range of a couple of meters and physical structures will not be the barriers of technology. 

Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi has been one of the most innovative smartphone manufacturers in the market. Previously it had introduced 80W wireless charging and 120W wired charging.  It can be credited for the introduction and implementation of some of the groundbreaking technologies in the smartphone industry as well as the tech ecosystem as a whole. The technology will be quite handy not only for smartphones but it will be a leap for the tech industry as a whole.

Air charging can be used in almost all smart devices including smartwatches, speakers and can power high-tech products as the technology evolves. It will define the concept of wireless charging as it doesn’t use any physical medium to charge the gadgets unlike charging pads. With the use of Xiaomi’s air charging technology, users will be able to charge the devices while walking, gaming, and streaming the media completely removing the attachment of any strings. 

Xiaomi also sheds light on some of the technical aspects of Air charging in its official blog. It states that the 5 phase interference antennas will accurately determine the position of the mobile device and the antennas transmit millimeter-wide waves through the formation of beams.  The receiving device contains the receiving antenna along with a beacon antenna which converts the millimeter-wave signal into electrical energy through the rectifier circuit.

Mi air charge technology is just a tech demo at this stage but the company hopes that it will commercialise the technology in near future. Upon its success Xiaomi the technology will be a game changer for the smart home products along with high tech gadgets. 


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