Why is Mega Bank Charging Customers on every eCommerce Transaction!!?


So far, numerous banks have been providing banking services to Nepali citizens. Not only traditional banking but also digital banking services. With digitalization, there comes digital transaction procedures and policies. As technology introduced e-commerce, the digital transaction has become a vital topic to discuss on.

Being concerned about digital payments, the first thing that strikes our mind is the policy regarding it: How much is the activation charge, service charge, and so on. Regarding it, different banks have different policies and they charge people in their own ways.

Even in this pandemic situation, top-ranked banks like Mega Bank are following the wrong deed of imposing irrational charges upon users. Mega Bank is enforcing high charges per transaction. Yes, on every transaction. Our team saw the details on the standard charges sheet and we confirmed by calling the bank as well.

How much does Mega Bank charge per transaction?

Apparently, Mega Bank is imposing unregulated charges to the customers. For every transaction over NRs.1,000, it is charging NRs.200. What if we transact for more than 5 times a day and the loss turns out to be a thousand rupee? Wouldn’t it disappoint you?

For more of such policies and service charges of Mega Bank, go through the link below:


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Mega E-Commerce transaction charges
Why is Mega Bank Charging Customers on every eCommerce Transaction!!? 1
Conversation with Mega support

What is the situation in other Banks of Nepal?

The team of Techsathi spoke with all the major banks with online debit features in Nepal and found out that their policies differ from each other but are justifiable to some extent. There are different activation charges and annual charges for different banks, which is still unregulated. Also, different transaction charges are present for different banks for international transactions. But in Nepal, there are no transaction charges in other banks.


As we looked through the policies of banks regarding the charges to different services, we felt like there is a necessity for some regulatory body for these charges. Customers need to be informed clearly why are they being charges for a certain service. Also, banks need to write/convey the information about these charges very clearly to the customers. As we’ve experienced, there is a very confusing situation for common customers to understand what they are paying for.

To charge Rs.200 per transaction is unbelievably harsh for the customers. What’s your opinion on this? Would you agree with the bank’s policy if they charge you this way? Do let us known via comments.

Note: Data provided in this article reflects the date of writing of the article. If it’s been subject to change then do let us know.

Update : Mega Bank posted on their facebook page saying they won’t be charging any transaction fee after this article was published. If you are a customer, let us know if it has been implemented!

Why is Mega Bank Charging Customers on every eCommerce Transaction!!? 2

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