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NIC Asia Bank’s customers can now Link & Self Verify Their Bank Account in connectIPS


NIC Asia Bank Ltd. has enabled a self-verification process for online linking of its customer accounts within connectIPS. With this, NIC Asia Bank’s customers will be able to enroll within connectIPS and link its bank account without having to visit the bank branch in person. This initiative of NIC Asia to allow its customers for online linking is expected to further facilitate its customer during this pandemic situation. With the increasing adoption of digital transactions including fund transfer and service payments through alternate channels, connectIPS is being excessively used by the bank customers either from the mobile app or web application of connectIPS or mobile banking of the bank itself.


The bank will allow transaction limit of up to NRs. 2 lakh per day and NRs. 10 lakh per month for the accounts linked through self-verification. Such limits can be upgraded later to full limit of connectIPS through manual form based approval.

How to link bank account with self-verification?

  1. Link the desired bank account in connectIPSfrom“Link Account” option.
  2. Select the “Self-Verify Account” optionunder “Manage Account” section.
  3. Enter the OTP(One Time Password) sent by the bank to the registered mobile number.
  4. Enter twomicro payments deposited at your bank account (intended for linking).
  5. The linked account can now be used from connectIPS mobile app and web application.

The customer needs to ensure that the mobile number used in connectIPS is same as that provided at the respective bank. The transaction limit provide for such self-verified accounts will be as per the limit assigned by the bank and may vary for each of the banks.

You can Now Link and Self Verify NMB Bank Account in ConnectIPS: Here’s How to

The self-verification process for account linking and verification within connectIPS is currently available for 17 commercial banks, 6 development banks, and 1 finance company. Few other BFIs are also in the final phase of extending this service. connectIPS has over 54 BFs within its network as its members


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