IT OLYMPIAD NEPAL 2021 is Happening for The First Time in Nepal



IT OLYMPIAD NEPAL is an event organized by AADIM College and co-organized by  Code for Change. As claimed by the organizers, it is the first I.T.(Information Technology) competition being held in Nepal.

Targeted Students: School-level students currently studying in Grade 8, 9, and 10.

How The Students Participated: The organizer selected schools to conduct the local level IT Olympiad Nepal 2021 competition and provided them with the event organizing framework, syllabus, and question set. (The Local Level Competition is already concluded)

Event Timeline

IT Olympiad Nepal Event TImeline
Source: IT Olympiad Nepal

Chaitra 7 -Chaitra 17: Local Level Competition is conducted by the representatives of all of the 80 schools participating in the competition. 
Chaitra 23 – Chaitra 30: The team of two students from each school of the respective province will compete in Provincial Level Competition.
Baisakh 10: All the winners of Province level Competition will compete in Kathmandu for Nation Level Competition. For the National Grand Finale, along with MCQs, analytics questionnaires, video, and graphical assessment will be done to select the winner on a merit basis.

Competition Format

IT OLYMPIAD NEPAL 2021 is Happening for The First Time in Nepal 2
Source: IT Olympiad Nepal

From all of the 7 Provinces of Nepal, students of 10 schools from each province will compete in the Local Level Competition except Bagmati Province (Province 3). As there are many schools in Bagmati Province, students of 20 schools will from this province compete at the Local Level Competition. The top 2 selected individuals from each school will proceed in a team for the Provincial Finale. After the Provincial Finale, the top 2 students (i.e. Winners of Provincial Finale) from each province will be brought to the capital city of Nepal, to compete in National Level Competition. And at last, an award ceremony will be conducted to honour the winners of the National Level Competition.

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