InternSathi is officially launching on March 11 : Learn about its ’10x Career Growth’ program


InternSathi is an innovative platform that promotes internship opportunities. It connect freshers and companies to help freshers get quality internships and companies hire passionate interns. It also promotes internship opportunities through the platform and creates awareness for internship culture. InternSathi aims to be a one-stop solution for finding interns and internship opportunities for both companies and candidates with a hassle-free process. 

Major features of InternSathi

  • Easy Shortlisting and Hiring
  • Inbuilt Applicant Tracking System
  • Support Urgent Hiring with Pool of Candidate
  • Candidate and Employer Chat System
  • Email Alerts 
  • Customer Support (Call, Chat,Email)
  • Resume Builder
  • Profile Builder
  • Resume Manager
  • Integrated Zoom Meeting
  • Candidate Export 
  • Apply with Facebook,Apply with LinkedIn
  • Auto Internship Alert to Candidate
  • Social Apps Login
  • Notification Alerts on Dashboard
  • Affordable Rates

InternSathi’s vision is to be the industry leader in the internship niche and be the no. 1 platform for internship. Likewise, its mission is to provide excellent interns to companies from Nepal. The platform aims 100+ internships and intern placements every month for the first year. It will be expanding to 200+ per month by the next quarter and have more successful results after fruitful collaborations with companies and institutions.

About the Team

IntenSathi started with the team of two young people of 19 and 16 year of age Kunal sah and Diwas Basnet. And further, there are currently a total 5 team members working actively towards InterSathi. 


It started with just a facebook page and till now it has provided 155 internships through its platform. Internsathi ensured its engagement and growth by generating memes, internship contests and internship advice. Finally after 7 months it is launching its internship platform and has added many useful features for internship seekers and internship providers.

Issues while Hiring Interns

In most cases students apply for internships and don’t get responses and sometimes the students aren’t aware about the skills that are required while applying for particular internships. The candidates apply without a proper CV.

InternSathi is different from other Platforms! Here’s Why:

There are a lot of factors that differentiate InternSathi from other platforms. Firstly, they only approve paid internships that are followed by a job. They have also partnered with companies who have a mutual understanding of hiring interns through the platform. Likewise, they are also expanding to different cities in Nepal so that it makes easier for people from less-developed areas to land an internship and start their professional career.

Some Companies Associated with InternSathi

  • Khalti
  • Esewa
  • Leapfrog
  • TechSathi
  • Nabil Bank
  • DeltaTech
  • Sastodeal
  • Upaya City Cargo etc.

InternSathi will be officially launching on March 11

Stay tuned!

Schedule –


Event date: 11 March

Time: 6:30-7PM

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InternSathi is officially launching on March 11 : Learn about its '10x Career Growth' program 2

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