InternetPasal: A Free Classified Marketplace for Buying & Selling in Nepal


InternetPasal is a free online marketplace that allows customers to purchase and sell a range of products from anywhere in Nepal at any time.


Customers can sell both their old and new merchandise such as laptops, motorcycles, vehicles, mobile phones, furniture, electronics, and a variety of other items by simply advertising them. Kishor Bhatta, the CEO and the founder of this marketplace, made this platform public about a year ago and since then has been able to deliver its dedicated services to customers throughout Nepal.

The range of products available on this platform appeals to customers with different preferences and needs. This enables the buyers to choose from a variety of models after comparing the features, quality, and price of the products on display. Customers can also find detailed product descriptions, which can assist them in making a more informed buying decision.

During our talk with the CEO of InternetPasal, we learned how he envisioned launching this marketplace three years ago with little funding, and how he finally sustained his business through time and effort. He also shared how he intends to provide convenience to both the buyers and sellers to purchase and sell high-quality products from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces. The CEO aspires to assist, satisfy the target audience with outstanding service and expand the business over time.

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You can access all the classifieds of InternetPasal via your phone, laptop, or by simply visiting the website. To sell their goods, customers are required to register or sign-up on the InternetPasal website. Some of the commodities displayed on InternetPasal have a price that can be negotiated. Visit to be associated with InternetPasal and elevate your shopping experience.

Customers are on the continuous lookout for a platform that can provide them with an exceptional and reliable shopping experience. This marketplace can be the ideal platform for such customers to buy and sell both their second-hand and latest goods. In the midst of all this, online startup businesses like this are leading the future of e-commerce in Nepal. Customers prefer the services of online marketplaces like InternetPasal because they are mindful that virtual shopping is a more economical and convenient alternative to conventional shopping. Online platforms like this not only boost economic vitality by encouraging innovation and fostering competition but also cater to customers, with a wide range of goods that are easy to access.


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