Instagram Messenger: New update brings Cross-Platform Messaging!


The new cross-platform messaging functionality allows Messenger and Instagram users to communicate across apps in a more interactive way.

Users are presented with an option to update to a new messaging experience. As a part of this update, users will also have the option to seamlessly connect with friends and family who are on Facebook. Users can deny the update and opt-out if they want. 

Instagram Messenger: What are the new features?

The new Instagram messenger tools include elements like custom emojis,  selfie stickers, chat colors, vanishing mode which lets you vanish messages, enhanced reporting and blocking features, animated message effects, and an innovative messenger’s watch together feature which allows individuals to watch videos together with their friends on IGTV during a video call.

This integration between Facebook and Instagram is a part of an ambitious plan by Mark Zuckerberg. The best of the messenger has also been integrated into Instagram. Other familiar features from messenger like replying to a specific text, forwarding a message are also being merged.

This crossover will not only establish interactive cross-app communication but will also help these two social networking platforms, to thrive individually.

This update will provide the users with the best messaging experience while subsidizing the connection between users and making reaching out to them easy. What are your opinions on this crossover?

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