Huawei Introduces its own Email Service Petal Mail


Over the recent years, Chinese tech giant Huawei is distancing itself further and further from Google.  Huawei officially started its own mail server named Petal Mail to take on Gmail. After the ban by the US government, Huawei can no longer perform business with us tech companies including Google and android. As a result, Huawei has created various google alternatives for its devices. Huawei has already created harmony os, an alternative to Google’s android os, petelmaps to compete with google maps, and Petal Search as an alternative to google search. Now Huawei is set to fill the void left by Gmail with its own petalmail. 

Petal Mail:

Petelmail is just like Gmail, in which users can send and receive emails. The mail server client is already in the testing phase inside china and Huawei expects to launch it globally soon.  users can now register for it by following this link.

After the registration, you can get an email extension of  

Huawei’s Petal Mail service seems to have a very minimal interface. It only consists couple of options in the side menu. These include Inbox, Starred, Draft, Sent, Trash, and Spam. The interface is divided into two columns. The first column shows all the emails.  It contains Inbox, Starred, Draft, Sent, Trash, and Spam mails. and the second segment shows  the selected email in an expanded form

Huawei has also introduced its own coin too. The coins called petalcoin or petals can be used to pay for various Huawei services. it is stated that its value is approximately $ 0.0015.Huawei seems to allow users to make in-app purchases via this currency. Petelmail doesn’t seem like an immediate threat to Gmail but it strengthens Huawei’s ecosystem and compensates the Huawei users especially in China.


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