How to check your own number in Smart cell?


Forgetting your own phone number is a quite upsetting. Many people says that they forget their number while asking with them. Some write their phone number in notes and some save their own number in contact list whereas many calls us to determine their own number.

This happens when you have a quite hard number to remember or you have a secondary SIM especially. If you can find the SIM card pack you got while buying it, then you can easily find your mobile number. Some people save the pack or take a photo of the SIM pack to get the mobile number.

But there is nothing to worry about. Telecom companies provide a special dial code to identify the owner number. lets find out this.

How to check your own number in Smart cell?

To check your number in Smart cell , you just need to follow simple step.

Dial *134# in your phone having Smart cell SIM card and your number will shown in screen.

Now you can know your number for further useful purposes.

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