If you invest in the stock market, applying for IPOs is not a new thing for you. Also, there is an interesting craze of the IPO applicants while IPO results are out.

The haste in entering DEMAT numbers with the anticipation of being allotted has its own kind of fun. However, it might be a hassle when one has to check the IPO results of many people at once.

The number of DEMAT holders has already crossed 50 lakhs. Also, the number of IPO applicants within a family is also increasing.

To check IPO results, one can access CDSC’s MeroShare app or the site iporesult.cdsc.com.np. However, it is hectic when you have to check IPO result of many people at once.

Do you feel irritated when your parents tell you to check their IPOs just because you need to re-enter their DEMAT number each time? Don’t you think we need a facility to check IPO results in bulk? Well, we have listed out some solutions for this task.

How to Check IPO Result in Bulk?

Currently, CDSC’s MeroShare app does not have a direct option to check the IPO result of many IPO applicants through a single button. One has to re-enter the BOID number manually because there is no option to save BOID numbers for the next time.

However, there are some mobile apps which can save your time in checking IPO results. They have options to check IPO results in bulk such that you do not need to re enter your family or friend’s DEMAT number to check everytime.

1. NepShare Bulk IPO Checker

Nepshare is a site where you can check IPO results in bulk. NepShare is a system developed by NepDev Technology. Checking IPO results is available in the mobile app but you can check IPO results in bulk on its website only.

Go to the website of NePShare and click on the + button in the down right corner. Then, click on “Bulk Result” and add BOID numbers which you can save for future use too.

You can save it and then view bulk IPO results of any company from the BOID numbers of many people at once.

In such ways, you can check the IPO results in bulk from these applications. The downside of them is that you’ll get many notifications which are quite annoying. You can disable them if you like. However, the Sharehub app requires you to log in via Facebook or Google account to view IPO results in bulk. I hope these four options are enough for you to check IPO results in bulk. If you have other options, please feel free to share them with us.


2. Mr. Nepse

Mr. Nepse is an app that provides information on the stock market of Nepal. They inform people about IPOs, FPOs, right share announcements, dividends, bond issue etc. Similarly, you can get live market update and also check the IPO results from its mobile app.

How to check IPO results in bulk in Mr. Nepse?

  • Download Mr. Nepse app in your device.
  • Then, on the home page, click on “More” option at the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down to Updates section and click on “IPO Result” icon.

Then, select the company whose IPO result you would like to check.

For bulk results, click on “Add More” option and add other BOID numbers and names.

Click on check result and you’ll get the results all at once.

Also, you can restore the accounts to save for checking IPO results for the next time.

3. Sharehub

Sharehub is another app where you can check IPO results in bulk developed by Softshala Nepal. Apart from this, you can check the live market updates and check your portfolio. Also, it sends you with live updates on daily market trades, new IPO/FPO issues, broker list, etc.

For checking IPO results in bulk from Sharehub, you’ll need to download this mobile app. It is also available for iOS devices.

Then, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Sharehub app and click on Services option.
  • Then, click on IPO result icon.
  • You can either check a single IPO result or click on “Bulk Check“. For that, you’ll need to sign in through your Facebook or Google account.
  • Then, add BOID numbers to the list. You can save these BOIDs for checking IPO results for the next time such that you’ll not require to re-enter the DEMAT number each time.

4. IPO Result App

This is another app specially designed for checking IPO results. You can select between single check and bulk check while checking IPO results from this app.

Download the app from Google Playstore and then,

  • For the bulk check, click on Bulk Check option in the homepage once you open this IPO result app. Also, you can add and save the BOID numbers for later.
  • Open the IPO Result app in your phone and click on “Bulk Check” option which is available in the top right corner of the homepage.

Then, add BOID numbers to save for the future use.

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