Glocal After School: Transforming E-Learning in Nepal


E-Learning is a major concern in the education process. It has become one of the best modes of education for students who show interest in continuing education despite various other commitments. It offers an additional advantage to those who wish to improve their disciplinary skills. It is also a known fact that when students are interested in what they are learning, they acquire better retention skills and work wonders in their courses. In this field, Glocal After School is transforming learning in Nepal.

Society today is developing at a greater pace and academic learning in schools and colleges is not enough. The market demands something more, something to be developed and packaged to meet the demands of the market. It is important to be competitive in every field whether it’s in the job, entrepreneurship, politics, or any field competitiveness. For which skill development, capacity building, and knowing the new is important. It has made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something.

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What is Glocal After School (GAS)?

With the concept to develop what the market demands and creating exceptional and well skilled human resources, Glocal After School (GAS) is a cloud-based e-Learning focusing live learning platform that intends to develop skills of youths and which might not be accessible in schools/colleges. With the theme –“While Isolated, Let’s Get Skilled”, Glocal After School launched online courses on different topics and has been continuously working for skill development in youths and teenagers. The course is being facilitated by experts in the relevant field. These courses are important to interested ones who want to utilize their time to learn new skills.

Glocal After School is a good platform to take online courses as it has different features and amazing courses to offer. Online learning at Glocal After School is Engaging and Effective which also has a personalized portal for every individual engagement regarding courses. They are consistent in bringing dynamic courses with the highest quality with an unprecedented opportunity to people who have limited access to education. Not just online courses, they also run different online sessions and training about future opportunities with strong dignitaries across the world. It’s a platform where interested mentors can create and sell their online courses by applying for Online Trainer for GAS. We ought to create an Online Learning Community of Nepali Trainers and Learners, promoting skills through Live Interaction and providing a platform for Nepali Trainers to earn and learn together. Taking GAS online courses is for a Happy Learning experience.

Glocal After School: Transforming E-Learning in Nepal 1

Glocal After School has launched 25+ online courses till this time and numerous live interactions. It offers courses on various topics like Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Finance Management, Project Development, Academic related Proposal Writing, Media & Blog Writing, Script Writing, and so on. GAS has introduced & adopted a new domain in the learning process. In addition to this, they have also initiated Corporate Learning for Teams to enhance the skill set in employees. It provides on-demand courses that provide on-demand learning skills that help companies nurture and prosper.

GAS aims on building the education systems that concentrate on building a hierarchy of skills by developing the capacity of people at each level through facilitating, upgrading, and enhancement of the existing set of skills. Glocal After School has been working to bridge the gap between industry and academia by curating and initiating different demand-oriented learning opportunities.


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